¡Adelante! Parent & Youth Leadership Conference

Opening ceremony at ¡Adelante! Parent & Youth Leadership Conference.

Over the weekend, about 200 people attended the annual ¡Adelante! Parent & Youth Leadership Conference at the University of Arizona, hosted by Tucson Unified’s Mexican American Student Services Department. The conference featured workshops for students of all grade levels, as well as for the parents.

The goal for the event is to provide college and career readiness for K-12 Mexican American/Latino students, and inform families how Ųʰ can help their students succeed in school and prepare for college.

A woman leads a seminar at ¡Adelante! for high school students.
A hallway is decorated with papel picado and Mexican artwork.
A Mexican rag doll (Maria doll) is on display with some Mexican artwork.
Two young girls in pink shirts work on drawings during ¡Adelante!
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